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Each of my paintings requires weeks or months of careful work.

Because each painting is unique, various factors affect portrait painting prices, but there are ways to adapt most projects to fit a reasonable budget.

Basic COST factors

Some basic artistic choices can affect the cost of a painting, whether it is a portrait of children or a travel scene. Canvas size is an important factor, as well as the number of people depicted. I also have to consider the detail required in the figures, and whether I am painting a whole body or just head and torso. Complexity of clothing, landscape, and background are other factors.


Each source photograph is special, and each requires a different artistic approach. While almost no photos are perfect as they are, some require more creative adjustment than others, which takes more time and effort. For example, the cost of a portrait painting based on a photo where the people's faces are clearly visible is likely to be lower than one where the faces are blurred.


Paintings vary in size and complexity, so it can be informative to see how my other paintings are priced. On this website, for most of my previous custom work I have listed an estimated price for commissioning a similar piece, although note that each project is completely unique. You can view price estimates by clicking on the images in the PAINTING section of this website.


The price range for custom paintings on my website goes from $500 to $1500, with the actual cost depending on the factors detailed above. For the most part, there are ways to adapt a project to fit a reasonable budget, and I am always happy to discuss a project, even if we don't decide to proceed. There is no charge until we have set a price and signed an agreement.

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