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Read what my happy clients have to say about their custom portrait paintings.

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We absolutely love our portrait! It hangs in our living room in a place of honor, and is one of the first things people see upon entering our home. First-time visitors are always blown away that we posses such a unique, highly-personal piece of art, and they never fail to remark on Nicole's skill and artistry. This has to be the best baby gift we've ever received!

50th Anniversary Gift

When my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary, we wanted to get them something special. Nicole was helpful through the whole process; working with her was a pleasure. Her interpretation of their wedding photo is just stunning. By eliminating some details and bringing out others, she turned the photo into a real work of art. We couldn't be happier with the outcome, it's given us a new view into their special day. But by far the best thing is how she captured their personalities and all the love in that moment. My parents were beyond touched, and the family has a new heirloom to hand down.


It's hard to explain what pleasure this painting brings. It's become a part of our lives; every time I pass through the room I glance at it. Everyone who visits our home remarks on it -- and if you know our girls you know how truly it captures their play. The girls themselves love it. I think it might be the first painting they have ever really noticed. They were both shocked and thrilled when I revealed it.


Thank you so much for painting this piece for our home. It will be treasured for many years to come. We have hung it on the wall with our special family photographs, where it is the centerpiece.

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Having my children's portrait painted has been a moving experience. When I first saw this painting in progress, I cried because I liked it so much! I decided to give it to my husband as a gift, and when I snuck it into the house while he was out, I found myself relaxing on the coach with a cup of tea, just gazing and appreciating how magnificent it is! By the way, when my husband opened the painting on Christmas, he said, 'It's the absolute essence of Fiona! How is that possible?' Thank you so very much!


This painting of my son captures how observant he is, watching the world around him and missing nothing of interest. I feel like he’s staring right at me (in a good way). :) The chalk-like outline of the person holding him is my father. The way he was unobtrusively drawn highlights my son while still demonstrating how he's protected and supported by those around him. I love the painting, so I put it in my living room where I gaze at it every day. Thank you, Nicole!


In our age of a camera in every pocket, we pile up a mountain of family images, which we assume to have captured our memories, to have faithfully duplicated the essence of those people important in our lives. So it can be a jolt when viewing an artist's rendition of a face and finding there a living effusion not present in any digital file. How this happens must be a mystery, having to do with the human hand forming a singular creation vs. the passive reflex of a camera. But who cares how it happens? I just look at the portrait of my deceased mother and detect there a kind of heartbeat.


There is something about a painting (or perhaps it's just something about this particular painting, this particular artist) that captures the visceral experience of a live performance better than any photograph ever could. Seeing it, I'm instantly placed right back onstage: the feeling of abandon in this precise moment not only preserved, but somehow even heightened by the medium. I love the unique perspective, too ... capturing the point of view from just off stage, or maybe even from behind the drums. Awesome!

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